LHB-C coarse powder classifier

The LHB-C coarse powder classifier is a new type of air classifier designed for coarse powder grading. The whole system is no longer need to be equipped with fan, cyclone, dust, air compressor and other ancillary equipment, the classification of internal air circulation, no dust flying , It is the replacement product for linear sieve and shaker that is widely used now. It is widely used in new building materials real paint, slag, limestone, bentonite, quartz, cement, coal, clay, fly ash, kaolin, feldspar, carbon, barite, abrasive abrasive.

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LHB-C coarse powder classifier Working Principle After cooling, filtrating and drying, the compressed air will form supersonic airflow through nozzle and the airflow will rip into the crushing chamber to make the materials fluidized. The accelerated materials will converge at the meeting point of the several nozzles and produce violent collision, attrition, and shearing to be superfine-ground. The crushed materials will be transported to the classifying-sections by the updraft airflow and the coarse particles and fine powders will be separated by centrifugal force and draught of blower. The qualified fine powders will enter the bag collector and the cyclone for collection. The purified gas will be discharged from the fan. Features 1.Consistent, high-quality product with some external adjustment; 2.Low energy consumption with large handling capacity; 3. Easy access for cleaning and low maintenance; 4.Lowest capital cost: no auxiliary equipment such as cyclones, process dust collectors, air locks or system fans are needed; 5. Processes abrasive materials: long-wearing ceramic liners and inexpensive steel replaceable liners. Technical Parameter LHB-C Application It is widely used in limestone, Gypsum, bentonite, quartz, cement, coal powder, clay, fly ash, kaolin, feldspar, slag, barite, feed, abrasive etc.

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