LHX Cyclone mill

The material is fed into the pulverizing chamber equipped with the blade rotor from the top of the mill by the variable frequency feeder. The rotating blade rotor generates an ultra-high speed air swirl in the pulverizing chamber, and the material enters the gap between the rotor and the stator under the action of the air swirling. The impact, shearing and friction between the particles, cause the powders cracking and refinement under high stress, thereby achieving material pulverization. The internal structure of the crushing chamber is scientifically designed, and the air swirling motion in the cavity is clearly guided, and there is no flow dead angle, which also ensures no temperature rise during the crushing process. Material pulverization fineness can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the stator and the rotor without disassembling the machine. The pulverized material can be collected into the collector through the negative pressure conveying device, or can be finely sorted and oversized powders be ground again.

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LHX Cyclone mill

Working Principle

The LHX air swept mill uses variable frequency feeder to deliver materials through the top of the mill into grinding chamber that is equipped with rotor blade. Under the force of super speed cyclone generated by rotation of the rotor blade, the materials enter into the gap between rotor and stator. Then the particles will be cracked and refined due to the force of impact, shear and friction, thus achieving fine powder processing. Going through such processing, the ground material can be not only delivered by negative pressure transporter into connector but also separated by the classifier for continuous crush to the coarse grain.


1. Product fineness and production capacity can be controlled by vertically adjusting gap size between rotor and stator without dismantling the air swept mill. The adjustment range of gap size is 0-5mm. 2. Some wearing parts such as the rotor are made of composite wear-resistant materials. Thus they feature minimum wear, non-pollution to materials and long service life. 3. The LHX air swept mill boasts a wide range of milling capacity. The fineness can be adjustable from 2μm to 250μm. In addition, it also can use classifier to obtain products within the same fineness range. 4. This size reduction machine owns extremely high reduction efficiency. To be specific, under the highest line speed of rotor outer end that reaches 125m/s, the materials can be smashed instantly without over crushing. 5. Scientifically designed and reasonably arranged interior structure of the mill chamber can ensure that the materials can be dispersed when being ground, which basically avoid dust being stuck to the wall. Especially, the air swept mill is the best choice for milling sticky and aggregated materials. 6. During the milling process, large air flow generated by rotation of the rotor can cool the materials. Thereby, this impact grinding machine is particularly applicable to smash thermoplastic materials, low melting point materials and fiber materials. 7. Due to the PLC intelligent control system, simple operation and easy maintenance can be achieved. In addition, the impact mill is easy to clean and can be conveniently switched to grinding another type of material, which reduces labor intensity. 8. Our air swept mill comes with efficient shock absorption and noise elimination technology that will extremely reduce noise pollution. It also features negative pressure production which avoids dust pollution. Technical Parameter LHX Technological Process 打印 打印


Our LHX air swept mill is universal milling equipment which is suitable for grinding inorganic substance and organics. It is widely used for superfine grinding of medium hardness materials in various industries such as non-metal ores, chemical industry, dye, pharmaceutical, fodder, food, etc. In addition, it is also the ideal choice for superfine powder grinding for heat sensitive materials such as PVA, PVC, PVC auxiliaries, PE, PET, PC, LDPE, HDPE, EVA, to name a few. When grinding nano calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate, it can be used to reshape and modify them.

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